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“ No problem, only solutions . » Taking care of your car is our job.

A team of car repair professionals is at your service to answer all your technical questions about car mechanics, car electricity, on-board electronics, timing belts, clutches, air conditioning.

For the new generation of air conditioners that use freon R134, Japan Motors Africa uses the BOSCH ACS 400 automatic air conditioning controller. The automatic device removes humidity in the circuit, detects and repairs gas leaks, performs vacuum of the circuit and recharges the GACLO freon to the quantity prescribed by the manufacturer.

JAPAN MOTORS AFRICA provides its customers with a system tester for diagnosis of electronic control units: the KTS 650 of the BOSCH brand which has the advantage of covering a wide range of vehicles and of being updated each year, which allows you to keep abreast of technological developments.

The electronic tester BAT 121 from BOSCH, for checking the charging circuit of batteries, alternators and regulators, completes this specialized tool.

Japan Motors Africa also has the latest of the BOSCH diesel benches , the EPS 815 , capable of overhauling electronic pumps and old generation pumps of any brand up to 12 cylinders. Our injection parts are certified and guaranteed by BOSCH , which also provides training for expatriate staff and quality control of our work.

The ACS 400 Central Air Conditioning BOSCH to redo the air conditioning of vehicles according to factory standards.

We offer the following services, and kindly ask you to click on the services to view the services in detail:

BOSCH - Technologies for life

BOSCH spare parts impress with their quality, reliability and innovative technology, which make driving safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

They are available for almost all types of vehicles. These parts have the quality of the original parts of your car.

The diagnostics carried out on vehicles and other rolling stock are more efficient, safer and faster thanks to the work instruments and its technology that BOSCH makes available to garages that are part of its worldwide network.

As a BOSCH DIESEL SERVICE specialist, we are an expert service provider for repairs of all mechanical diesel systems. We offer professional solutions for the repair and maintenance of classic diesel technology such as electronic pumps, old generation pumps of any brand BUT ALSO the latest generation COMMON RAIL pumps.

Our range of services:

  • Testing and diagnostics of diesel and gasoline mechanical systems
  • Pump exchange program to suit our extensive stock requirement
  • Cost-effective exchange injection pumps reconditioned by Bosch Diesel Service
  • Repair of pumps from the manufacturers exchange program
  • Nouveau Original Equipment pompes
  • Repair of classic diesel injection pump components
  • Maintenance and repair of diesel technology in your vehicle

As Bosch Diesel Service we are part of the international network of Bosch , the leading provider of modern diesel technology and No. 1 in the development and original equipment of diesel systems . Our dealer locator makes it quick and easy for you to find a Bosch Diesel Service near you . Taking care of your car is our job.

Air Conditioner

For the new generation of air conditioners that use freon R134 Japan Motors Africa uses the BOSCH ACS 400 automatic air conditioning controller.

The automatic device removes moisture in the circuit and repairs gas leaks, performs circuit vacuuming and recharge freon in the quantity prescribed by the manufacturer.


To take full advantage of the night, preserve the performance of your headlights. At Japan Motors Africa, the BOSCH EFLE 62S1 headlamp checks and adjusts all the optical units: incandescent filament, halogen or xenon

BANC Diesel

With modern injection systems, Japan Motors is increasingly confronted with requests for verification and adjustment. Bosch has designed the EPS 815 diesel bench of injection pumps with the KMA electronic flow measurement system. They are used to check and repair Common Rail pumps or, as the case may be, solenoid-controlled injection pumps


The new KTS diagnostic devices from Bosch and the ESI[tronic] software represent the ideal combination of hardware and software for efficient vehicle fault analysis. They allow for fast and quality repairs, which in turn improves the level of customer satisfaction.

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